How Do You Prepare Daylilies For Winter?

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1 Answer

Daylilies are hardy plants that produce beautiful flowers from spring to fall. Depending on the type of daylily you've chosen and the gardening zone you live in, the bulbs may require special attention in late fall to prepare them for the upcoming winter months. Preparation of the bulbs is easy but can be time-consuming depending on the number of plants you have planted. Step 1 Determining the gardening zone for your area and the type of daylilies in your garden is the first thing you need to do when planning your garden preparation schedule. There are dormant daylilies that are well-suited to colder climates because they will die out naturally in late fall and can be prepped for winter, whereas evergreen and semi-evergreen type daylilies tend to bloom as long as there is warmth and sunshine. These varieties are better suited to southern and more temperate regions. Regardless of the type, the plants will need to be prepped for the upcoming winter climate. Preparing daylilies should ... more
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