How Do You Prepare Spare Ribs Before Cooking?

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Whether its for a Super Bowl party or for a summer barbecue, making spare ribs can be a delicious treat. Spare ribs are loved by meat lovers worldwide. Read on to learn how to prepare spare ribs before cooking. Wash your hands before cooking or preparing any food by hand. Clean the spare ribs first before preparing and adding spices. These ribs will have some top fat and silver skin that you will need to clean. Sharpen your chef knives with a sharpener. Make sure they are exceptionally sharp as you will have to cut through some tough pieces on your spare ribs. Take the meat and place it on a hard surface. Use your knife to cut the top fat along the top side of the ribs. As you are slicing, you can pull back the fat. This cut makes sure that all the tough tissues that connect the meat are removed. Leave some fat on the meat for flavor while cooking. Fat keeps the meet tasty, juicy and tender. Put all of your fat scraps to the side of your meat and begin seasoning. Use salt and pepper ... more
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