How Do You Preserve A Christening Gown?

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1 Answer

Christening a newborn baby or child is a significant event in the Christian religion. Also called baptism, this event allows for membership into the Christian church. It is tradition for a baby to wear a gown at their christening, and most people choose to preserve this special outfit. Wash the gown thoroughly. Christening gowns are usually white, and newborn babies are usually messy. Pay careful attention to any cleaning instructions on the tag. Most gowns require you to wash them by hand. Sensitive detergents are also sometimes acceptable. Use purified water to rinse the gown, making sure to rid the material of any soap residue. Dry the christening outfit overnight and then press it using an iron with heat settings sensitive to the gown's material. Hang up your newborn's ensemble for ideal preservation. Use a cotton- or muslin-padded hanger with a rubber or plastic base. Wire hangers are not suitable for sustaining the gown because the hanger's metal may corrode. Purchase a ... more
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