How Do You Preserve Outdoor Wood Furniture?

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1 Answer

Preserving outdoor wood furniture is vital to extending the life of the products. Unlike plastic or metal, wood items are especially susceptible to moisture, sunlight and cold weather. It is recommended that you bring the furniture indoors during the winter months and cover it when not in use. To preserve wood finish, you should treat the wood regularly. Start out with the best outdoor woods. Not every wood is made for the wear and tear of outdoor weather. Pine and red oak, for example, are just not made to handle the elements. Redwood, cypress and cedar are recommended for their natural ability to repel bugs. White oak and black locust are recommended for their ability to repel moisture. Teak and mahogany are also excellent tropical woods for outdoor use. Bring it indoors. If you live in a climate with cold, rainy or snowy winter months, you should bring any wood furniture indoors into a garage or shed during winter if possible. At the very least, pull the furniture beneath a patio ... more
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