How Do You Prevent Clostridium Diarrhea In Dogs?

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1 Answer

Clostridium bacteria cause diseases in dogs and humans, including tetanus, botulism, gangrene and dysentery. Commonly found in ground soil, they produce cytotoxins that attack individual cells of particular organs, in particular the enterotoxins of canine diarrhea. According to Dr. Wendy C. Brooks, educational director of VeterinaryPartner.com, in her article "Clostridium Perfringens," approximately 80 per cent of dogs have clostridia in their intestinal tracts without developing diarrhea. Preventing clostridial diarrhea means dog owners have to negate the environmental and physical triggers that cause bacterial overgrowth and disease in their animals. Keep your dog from making contact with animals that are vomiting or presenting with diarrhea. Because clostridia can be spread from dog to dog, it may be necessary to isolate your pet from other animals until they no long show the symptoms of disease. Reduce your animal's stress level by keeping him on a consistent feeding and exercise ... more
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