How Do You Prevent Rhabdomyolysis?

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Rhabdomyolysis is a breakdown of muscle fibers that results in the release of cellular contents into the circulatory system. These contents are potentially toxic and include potassium, which can cause hyperkalemia, phosphates and sulfates. This may induce metabolic acidosis and other myocyte components that can damage the kidneys. The following steps will show how to prevent rhabdomyolysis. Minimize your chances of traumatic injuries. Blunt force trauma is a common source of severe rhabdomyolysis, and other sources include electrical injuries and burns. Limit your physical activity to a moderate level. The muscle soreness you feel after unaccustomed sustained exercise (such as long-distance running) is a mild form of rhabdomyolysis; however, this is a necessary step in encouraging new muscle growth. Restrict your intake of alcohol. Ethanol is a primary source of toxin-mediated rhabdomyolysis. Additionally, most alcoholic beverages contain by-products to the fermentation process that ... more
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