How Do You Prevent Ring Around The Collar?

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1 Answer

It's not hard to prevent ring around the collar if you take the necessary precautions and make an effort to properly care for your clothing. Read the steps listed below to see how ring around the collar can quickly become a problem of the past. Keep yourself as clean as possible. It's very important that you shower shortly before putting on your collared shirt. This is because the shower will clean off any dirt or grime sitting on your neck that could cause or contribute to ring around the collar. Even taking a shower before you go to bed the previous night isn't really sufficient because while you are asleep oil and dirt can accumulate around your neck, so make sure to be as clean as possible prior to getting dressed. Apply a stain repellent to your shirt collars. There are many types of stain repellent formulations that are very effective in preventing ring around the collar. These should be applied to a clean, freshly laundered shirt. Avoid activities that cause excessive sweating. ... more
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