How Do You Process Concord Grapes Into Juice?

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1 Answer

Making juice at home is a healthy alternative to purchasing commercial juices. Homemade recipes can lower sugar content, require no artificial coloring or flavoring, and can be made without preservatives. Small batches of juice can be made easily and held in the refrigerator. Other recipes can be canned and enjoyed over time. Naturally stocked with carbohydrates, potassium and antioxidants, Concord grapes can make an excellent homemade juice. Concord grapes have long been prized for their delicious juice, wines and jellies. Remove the stems from grapes and rinse well, using cheesecloth or a colander. Roll the grapes around to ensure the grapes are completely clean. Remove grapes that are smashed or unhealthy looking, as well as green, unripe grapes. Place the grapes into a large pan and mash them gently with a potato masher until juice begins to form. Simmer the grapes and juice on low temperature on the stovetop for 10 to 15 minutes. Add ½ a cup of sugar if desired. Remove grapes ... more
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