How Do You Program The Sharper Image Jumbo Universal Remote?

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1 Answer

The Jumbo Universal Remote from Sharper Image is more than just a novelty item. This large remote can also control your TV, DVD player and other similar electronic devices. Using the one large remote will let you either put away or discard your other remote controls. Just as with a standard universal remote, the Jumbo Universal Remote must first be programmed to the electronic devices in your home before you can start using that remote. Turn the electronic device on that you want to use with the remote. Point that remote at the device and press the "Code Search" button the remote. Hold that button down for a few seconds and the LED lights on the remote will turn on. Press the mode button on the remote for the electronic device you turned on. Start pressing the "On/Off" button located on the remote. Press "On/Off" once every two seconds until the electronic device powers down. This could take you several minutes because there are hundreds of different codes. Press "Enter" on the ... more
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