How Do You Properly Vent A Gas Water Heater?

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1 Answer

"Today we're going to talk about water heater venting. What you have in a gas water heater is what they call a single wall vent pipe is what we have particularly on this one and it ties to what we call B vent, which is a double wall, if you will. It has a outer wall and it has an inner wall which makes it to where it has tighter clearances for fire hazards; for combustibles. The clearance to this B vent is a one-inch clearance to any type of combustible material which means you can come in and your building material is a little bit tighter and closer to it before it has to be. The single wall vent has a six inch clearance which means you have to cut a much wider hole around it for it's safety and for what it is. You can use single wall vent pipe in applications like what we have today when it's outside in the room when you have plenty of clearances from combustibles. All it does is direct the flow gases up and out the flow pipe; where it becomes critical is when it penetrates walls ... more
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