How Do You Prune A Satsuma Tree?

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1 Answer

Satsuma is a form of mandarin orange tree first reported in Japan and China over 700 years ago. First introduced to the United States in 1876, satsuma mandarin orange trees have become intensely popular for the delicious, seedless and easy-to-peel oranges they produce. More tolerant of cold temperatures than other varieties of citrus, satsuma mandarin orange trees can be grown in USDA plant hardiness zone 8b through 11, where the average annual minimum temperature is at least 15 degrees F. Gardeners in colder regions can successfully grow their satsuma mandarin orange trees indoors in large pots or planting containers. Use only sharpened and sterilized pruning tools to prune your satsuma tree. Clean cuts made by sharp pruning tools are easier for your tree to heal than the jagged, tearing cuts made by pruning tools with dull blades. Prune winter-damaged branches from your satsuma tree in the late winter or early spring, before new spring growth is observed. Prune after the chance of ... more
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