How Do You Prune A Weeping Bottlebrush Tree?

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1 Answer

Flowery, showy and graceful, Weeping Bottlebrush trees (Callistemon viminalis) are often used in landscaping and in medians along roadways. From mid-June to late summer, bushy blooms tip the end of flowing limbs, adding color and interest to the landscape. Like other flowering trees, Weeping Bottlebrush trees require annual pruning to maintain health. To protect the health of your Weeping Bottlebrush tree, knowing when and how to prune is paramount. Excessive pruning may eradicate the "weeping" nature of the tree. According to gardener and author Ron Sullivan, "Weepers should reach out a little, bounce like a waterfall." Correct pruning will help keep your Weeping Bottlebrush tree filled with movement and brilliant blooms. Wait until the dormant season to prune. Pruning can occur either in the early fall or in the winter before the tree begins budding. Pruning during the dormant season assists in being able to assess the tree's structure and aids in the natural healing process. ... more
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