How Do You Prune Moringa Trees?

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1 Answer

The more you prune Moringa trees, the more they will grow. Unlike many trees, Moringas actually seem to love being cut back, and will reward your efforts with thousands of leaves and hundreds of buds and flowers. Left to themselves, they tend to get tall and spindly; putting leaves and flowers out only at the very tops, which defeats the purpose of growing Moringas. When pruning your Moringa trees, of any variety, some basic rules apply. One of the first ones, is not to let the tree grow any taller than a height you can easily trim back. We like ours to be maintained at between 5½ to 6 feet tall, once they are established. Pinch off the very top little show of leaves, about every other time they shoot up. Here is a photo of what part to pinch back. Sometimes, due to time restrictions, it is not always easy to pinch back every other new growth, so if they get away from you, and start to get spindly - just cut the entire top back about 2 inches. You will not hurt the Moringa tree, and ... more
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