How Do You Prune Weeping Birch Trees?

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1 Answer

A weeping beech is one of the most striking trees in the garden. Its long branches droop down, forming a swinging skirt that drapes the trunk. When the tree is properly pruned, the sun can filter though the small rounded leaves and light the hidden center. The very worst way to prune weeping beech is to crop these delicate branches like bangs on a woman's forehead. It will take a long time for the weeping beech to recover from that. The better way is to work down from the top of the tree and out from the inside, working with the weeping beech to find its perfect shape. Completely cut out branches that are growing close to the trunk and straight down. Work out from the trunk pruning away those branches that are creating a tangle. Create a clear, open umbrella-like space around the trunk. When finished, you should be able to walk without bumping into branches overhead. Remove any crossing branches found throughout the tree. These can rub against each other and damage each other or make ... more
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