How Do You Publish Gospel Song Lyrics?

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1 Answer

Publishing gospel music lyrics is a unique industry. Even though gospel music has come a long way since the 60's and 70's, don't try to publish gospel lyrics with a publisher who specializes in rock-n-roll and rap music. Most publishers are specialized and so are their connections. Having a specialized publisher will open more doors for you, because they have done all the legwork for you. Self-publishing your song lyrics will give you more license for input. You have more control over what happens with your songs and how they are published. The drawback is that you have to self-promote your work. Another form of self-publishing would be to post your songs and/or lyrics on a website. Potential buyers can download your material for a set fee (see Resources below). Create a demo. A demo can mean anything from a micro-cassette type recording of someone singing a melody to a fully produced master, complete with strings, brass, background vocals, etc. Should you make a recording of your ... more
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