How Do You Put A Tuscan Finish On Walls?

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1 Answer

We decorate our homes for our families, ourselves and our guests to enjoy. Fashions in walls come and go, but a well-plastered wall is a permanent improvement. Between the sheen of Venetian plaster and the high relief of stucco and adobe, lies the subtlety of Tuscan-finished plaster. Add a Tuscan finish to a Venetian plaster wall or skim it on with the same plaster used for marmorino. Prepare your area. Mask or remove woodwork and cover floors. Clean the wall thoroughly with a de-greaser like trisodium phosphate. If the wall is smooth, rough it up with sandpaper so your skim coat will stick. If you're applying your Tuscan plaster over a finish like that on Venetian plaster, remove the wax layer completely before applying the new finish. Apply a "mud coat" as you would with any skimming application if you're starting with plain wallboard or plaster. Check with your home center or a local plasterer for advice on what type of plasters are compatible with the material you want to cover. ... more
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