How Do You Put Chains On Gears Of Cuckoo Clocks?

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1 Answer

Putting a chain back on a cuckoo clock's gear is possible but not easy to do. If, however, you do not have access to a clock repair shop that specializes in cuckoo clocks, and if you are patient by nature, it may be worth your while to give it a try. Pull all the chains full up, remove the weights, and tie the chains securely together at the bottom of the clock so that they will not move at all, otherwise all your chains will fall off when you turn the clock upside down for step two. Turn the clock over and remove the back. Now take a close look inside the housing. You will see gears. You will see your fallen chain caught on the bottom gear' s axle. Your goal is to thread the fallen chain back onto its gear. Stick your hook inside the clock and find out which direction the gear turns. Now comes the hard part. Turn the clock upside down - first make sure you did step one and removed all weights and tied up the good chains - turn the clock upside down and using your hook, work the ... more
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