How Do You Put Fire Brick In A Wood Burner?

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1 Answer

Firebricks inside a wood stove are used to keep the hottest portion of the fire from the exterior metal box. When these bricks begin to disintegrate, damage can occur to the metal box in the form of metal fatigue and warping. Firebricks that have small cracks in them will still perform the task of keeping high heat from the exterior sides of the wood burner. Replacement bricks must be of the same type and size as the originals and can be obtained from the wood burner manufacturer. Allow the wood stove or wood burner to cool down from any previous fire. The wood stove must be cold to the touch. Firebricks, regardless of condition, can retain heat for several hours after the fire has died out. Remove all wood ashes and other debris from the interior of the wood burner. Pull the upper retaining angle iron for the firebrick from the side of the wood burner. Use the screwdriver and adjustable wrench to remove the screws and nuts that hold the angle iron to the interior metal walls. Pull ... more
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