How Do You Re-Book Philippine Airlines Electronic Ticket?

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1 Answer

The situation: I booked e-ticket using Hawaiian Airlines from Honolulu to Manila and vice versa and will be arriving on the following day. Given the time difference between Hawaii and Philippines, I made a mistake in booking a flight from Manila to Davao - another domestic flight in PI. I need to re-book the e-ticket. How? Follow that steps below Step 1 Visit Philippine Airlines website and read the FAQ on online ticketing or electronic booking. Step 2 Call Reservations under Contact Us link. For USA and Canada: 1-800-I-FLY-PAL or 1-800-4-359-725 For Australia : 1-300-888-PAL Step 3 The costumer representative answer your questions, can help to re-book the ticket but will instruct you to go to Philippine Airlines office to Pay the penalty of charges. (What if you do not have much time? What will you do? It is either you stay in a Hotel in Manila and travel the next day after the transactions or do what I did on the next step) Step 4 Ask any trusted relative or siblings to do the ... more
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