How Do You Re-Poly A Wood Floor Without Sanding?

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1 Answer

Wood floors can be attractive in any home but the expense and effort that goes into refinishing these floors can dissuade many from this undertaking. You can, however, apply additional coats of polyurethane to the wood floors in your home with much less effort than a complete finishing job and with beautiful results. Clear all items off the floor to be treated. Sweep the floor. Vacuum the floor. Use the micro fiber mop to mop the floor with a neutral cleaner and warm water. Allow the floor to dry. Buff the surface of the floor using the lightly abrasive pads. Buff in large circles covering the entire surface of the floor. Be sure to wear your ventilation mask during this step and in the end again vacuum and mop the floor, allowing it time to dry. Wearing your ventilation mask, paint the edges of the floor using the paint brush. Apply a thin coat being sure to blend the areas together as you move around the room. Continue until the perimeter of the room is finished. Paint the ... more
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