How Do You Record TV Programs Without A Cable Box Or Satellite Receiver?

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1 Answer

You don't need a cable box or satellite receiver to record television programs. The biggest perk of subscribing to cable or satellite TV is that it will give you more TV channels, which will thus grant you a greater variety of programs to record. While many cable and satellite receivers do come equipped with DVRs (Digital Video Recorders), which can make recording the programs captured by these receivers more convenient, you can just as easily purchase your own DVR or go old school and record your TV programs using a VCR or (to be more modern) DVD recorder. Connect your recording device (DVD recorder or VCR) to your television. Turn on your television and recording device. If you're using a DVD recorder, insert your DVD-R disc into the DVD recorder. If you're using a VCR, insert your VHS tape into the VCR and cue the tape to the spot where you would like to begin your recording. Set your DVD recorder or VCR to the proper channel for the program you want to record. If you are using a ... more
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