How Do You Recycle Old Blue Jeans Into A Quilt?

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1 Answer

Use your old blue jeans to make a warm and wonderful quilt! The biggest element to this task is, of course, collecting the old jeans. Depending on the size of quilt you want, you'll need many pairs. My quilt is about 6′ x 6′, and has 144 six-inch squares in it. I found that I could get about 4 squares out of a pair of jeans, so I needed about 36 pairs for the whole project. That may seem like a lot, but if you start asking your friends to keep an eye out for discarded jeans, you'll find that you reach your goal sooner than you thought. You can always adjust your finished quilt size to suit the amount of material you have, too. Once you have enough jeans gathered for your quilt, start by making a pattern. I wanted my finished squares to each be 6" x 6", so I made my pattern 7" x 7", which gave me a half-inch seam allowance around all edges. I cut the pattern out of cardstock. I then took my pattern card and positioned it on the material and turned it until I got the desired impact. I ... more
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