How Do You Refill A Butane Torch Lighter?

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1 Answer

A butane torch lighter is a useful tool to keep handy in a home for easy lighting of candles and grills and other household chores. Proper maintenance is essential for these lighters to continue to operate, however. Refilling also must be done properly for the lighter to continue to work. If the lighter sparks and fuel can be heard hissing when the igniter button is pressed, the lighter should continue to work after proper refilling. Before refilling a butane torch lighter, it is necessary to drain any remaining fuel from the lighter. Using the small screwdriver press the fuel-refilling nozzle to remove the leftover fuel. Turn the flame adjustment screw clockwise until it stops to turn off the fuel flow before refueling. Point the fuel nozzle up and push the container of fuel into the lighter. Turn the fuel nozzle down and wait while the lighter refills. It is important not to pump the fuel can into the lighter while refueling because this may cause the fuel tank to burst. Once the ... more
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