How Do You Refinish A Stainless Steel Sink?

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Stainless steel sinks can become scratched and dull if they are not properly maintained or they are improperly cleaned. Scratches can significantly worsen the problem because they literally grab on to particles of food and dirt, making the surface of your stainless steel sink even duller. Fortunately, refinishing and protecting your stainless steel sink is actually much simpler than you might expect. Soak the sink in white vinegar. Often, stainless steel collects mineral deposits from the tap water that runs through them. These can make the sink look dull and damaged. Saturate a cleaning cloth with white vinegar and cover the sink with that cloth. If necessary, you can use more than one cloth to cover the entire surface of the sink. Rinse the sink. Use the vinegary cleaning rag to wipe out the sink and pick up any remaining mineral deposits. Scrub the sink with hydrogen peroxide. Use the plastic scrubbing sponge so that you do not scratch up your sink anymore. The peroxide will foam ... more
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