How Do You Refinish Kitchen Cabinets In Antique White Distressed Glaze?

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1 Answer

Call it country French, country or Tuscan, glazed and distressed antique-white painted wood cabinets are charming and add character to run-of-the-mill kitchens. This is a good do-it-yourself project, plus doing the work yourself will save beaucoup bucks. This is also a good cure for old cabinets that need refreshing or for newer, but character-free tract house cabinets. Go to a kitchen cabinet display and look closely at the finish you want. Notice how heavily--or lightly--smudged the crevices are. Look at the distressing. Are there sharp corners and sharp edges on raised areas? Or do they look worn? Do you see pitting, dents or worm holes in the finish? Also, look at the finish. Is it a gloss? Semi-gloss? Satin? Make notes, and if the store personnel will let you, snap a close-up or two. Remove the hardware from the cabinets. Remove the doors, marking them inconspicuously as you go so that you'll know which one goes where when you re-mount them. Screw holes aren't always ... more
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