How Do You Regain Trust In Someone?

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1 Answer

It has been said that trust is the hardest thing to gain and once it is lost it can never be regained. Regaining someone's trust is difficult, but regaining your trust in someone is even harder. Once someone has hurt you by breaking your trust, to regain it in them, you need to make yourself vulnerable to additional pain. Make a list of the reasons that you do not trust the other person. View the list objectively and determine if the reasons are speculation or if the issues that caused you to lose trust were supported by facts. Assess the severity of the trust issues and the effect that the loss of trust has had on the relationship. Consider if there have been other times when this person has caused you to lose trust. Decide if the situation warrants forgiving the offender and working towards regaining trust. Talk to the person that has lost your trust. Let him know why. Explain to him what you need from him to be able to regain trust in him again. Accept an apology if that is all ... more
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