How Do You Reheat A Hard-Boiled Egg In The Microwave?

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1 Answer

Do you love warm hard boiled eggs but don't want to make them fresh every time? Making a batch of hard-boiled eggs then reheating them in the microwave saves time and makes eating eggs more enjoyable. First, select a hard-boiled egg that has cooled past your preferred temperature. Then, peel the egg and remove the shell pieces from the egg. (One of the best ways to peel the egg is to tap the egg on the counter as you rotate and twist the egg until all of the egg is cracked. Then carefully peel a hole open in the shell, and slide your thumb or finger between the shell and the egg. Then peel the shell away including the shell lining.) Once the egg has been peeled, take a butter knife and make an incision or cut in the egg that reaches inside the yolk. This is critical as the yolk needs a ways for pressure to escape. One way to do this is to make a cut halfway through the egg. Remove knife. Place the egg on microwave-safe plate, and place the plate and egg in the microwave. Note the ... more
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