How Do You Relight A Gas Furnace Pilot Light?

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1 Answer

Not much is worse in the winter than waking up to a house that is freezing cold because of a pilot light outage on your furnace. Relighting a gas furnace pilot light is a simple procedure that takes just a few minutes. Put away the phone book, pull out a lighter and head to the attic to get your furnace up and running. Check the main gas line to verify that the gas is on in the house. Turn the main valve to on if it has been shut off. Refer to your owner's manual for specific instructions to relight your gas furnace. Look for the electronic ignition button and a small red button near the ignition button when you do not have a manual. Locate and press the red button. Hold the button down as you light the pilot light with the electronic ignition button on the furnace that sends an electric spark to light the pilot. Listen for the clicking noise as the ignition works to light the pilot. Keep the button compressed for a minute or so after the pilot light is lit to allow the thermocoupler ... more
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