How Do You Remagnetize A Credit Card?

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1 Answer

In truth, the title of this article is slightly deceiving--there is no real way to remagnetize a credit card. There are, however, ways to get your card working, even when it has a demagnetized strip. This is a convenient temporary fix until you get your new card in! How to Remagnetize a Credit Card Step 1 First, consider how your credit card became deactivated in the first place so you can avoid it the next time around. Credit cards become demagnetized by being around magnets of any kind. They can also lose their ability to be read after extended use or improper care. By storing your cards in a sturdy wallet, so that the strips of each card don't face each other, you can prevent your cards from becoming demagnetized. Step 2 If you need to use your card at a store before your new one comes in, there are ways to do so. First, you can put a plastic shopping bag over the entire card. When it comes time to swipe, you will need to swipe the card with the bag on. This increases the static ... more
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