How Do You Remove A Bandage Without Pain?


1 Answer


Removing a bandage can be a painful experience. It’s bad enough that you were injured and required a bandage. The adhesive in bandages bonds to your skin and hair on your skin which can make removal very uncomfortable. Never just rip the bandage off and grin and bear the pain because you can actually damage your skin. There are some ways to remove the bandage painlessly. The key to painless bandage removal is to dissolve the glue before removing. Apply baby oil, olive oil or vegetable oil to the adhesive part of the bandage. The oil will dissolve the glue on the bandage making removal easy and pain free. Rub the baby oil in and allow the oil to sit on the bandage for a few minutes. The bandage will then pull off with ease. Rub hair conditioner onto the bandage and let it sit for about 5 minutes before removing. Soak 2 to 3 cotton balls in vodka and place on the bandage’s adhesive strip. The alcohol will dissolve the glue. Do not use this on babies or children. Use isopropyl alcohol to