How do you remove a car stereo from a 1993 Honda Accord?

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To begin, you are going to remove the center dash console. Locate and remove two (2) phillips screws on each side of the center dash console The center dash console removes very easily. Lift the rear of the center dash console up as seen in the photo above. Pull it back, away from the main dash assembly and set it aside out of the way. As seen in the top right photo, you will have direct access to the ashtray and have enough room to insert a screwdriver or socket. Pull out the ashtray. The ashtray slides into a metal bracket which needs to be removed. This metal bracket is secured to the dash with three (3) phillips screws. (2) screws are at the front top of the metal bracket, and (1) screw is at the very back of the metal bracket. Remove all (3) screws and pull out the metal ashtray bracket and let is fall out of the way. Once the metal ashtray bracket is removed, you will have direct access to the (2) 8mm bolts that secure the radio/pocket assembly to the metal bracket inside the ... more
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