How Do You Remove A Grohe Faucet?

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1 Answer

Grohe pull-out kitchen faucets generally are a sleek one-piece design where both the hot and cold water are controlled with a single faucet and the faucet head also acts as a hand-held sprayer. The design often means the faucets are much simpler to remove than the standard faucet and two water handle control valves. Some European styles of Grohe may be configured differently than this Grohe removal guide instructs. Unscrew and remove the aerator from the Grohe faucet if possible. Turn the water on. Turn off both the hot water and cold water inlet supply valves (look like two faucets) in the cupboard below the sink. There should be two wire mesh or plastic flexible hoses attached to them which is also attached to the Grohe faucet below the sink. Place the empty bucket below the two water outlets below the sink to catch any water. Use the adjustable wrench to unscrew the compression fittings holding the flexible or wire mesh hoses from off the inlet supply valves. Apply gentle pressure ... more
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