How Do You Remove A Headlight On A VW Touareg?

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1 Answer

The Volkswagen Touareg is a popular SUV that combines traditionally handsome German lines with precision European engineering. In order to replace a headlight bulb, the Touareg's headlight housing must be removed. The housing will also need to be removed if you are replacing a broken headlight lens. This is a relatively straightforward process that requires the use of a special tool that the vehicle comes with and which is kept with the spare tire. Open the hood. Remove the side engine cover panels if your Touareg has them installed on the engine. Insert the headlight crank tool into the hex bolt on the back of the headlight housing located below the sticker that says "Open, Close." The headlight crank tool is kept in the compartment for the spare tire. Push gently on the front of the headlight assembly to release the tension on the housing while simultaneously turning the hex bolt with the crank tool. Turn the tool until the headlight assembly pushes partially out of its socket. Do ... more
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