How Do You Remove Acrylic Oxidation Without Using Damaging Abrasives?

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1 Answer

There is a difference between yellowing caused by natural oxidation and yellowing from UV damage. It is important to know which problem you are addressing before considering a solution. The wrong solution can do more harm than good. Most headlights yellow from oxidation. Abrasives cleaners are a poor choice to remove oxidation and they cause UV damage leading to yellowing and scratch clouded headlights. Oxidation will temporarily cloud an acrylic headlight lens but it can safely be deoxidized in seconds. Abrasives cleaners will remove oxidation the protective UV layer and will permanently cloud an acrylic headlight lens with scratches. This is how you can remove acrylic oxidation quickly without using damaging abrasives Apply one drop of acrylic lens deoxidizer to a paper towel. Rub in a circular motion on the oxidized surface of the headlight. Continue until lens is clean and squeaky clean. Reapply only if necessary. Apply acrylic conditioner to the surface of the lens to protect it ... more
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