How Do You Remove An Iron-On Transfer From Clothes?

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1 Answer

Perhaps you have a t-shirt or sweatshirt that has an iron-on number on it. Suppose that number has changed and you now need to change that number. This guide will tell you how to remove an iron-on transfer from clothes using the paper, peel off and direct iron on method. Iron on Paper Method Step 1 Take a blank piece of paper and lay it flat. The paper should be large enough that it completely covers the iron-on transfer. Step 2 Lay the piece of clothing on the paper. The iron-on transfer on the clothing should be face down on the paper. Step 3 Iron on the back of the article. Keep ironing. This may take up to 5 minutes of ironing. Step 4 Observe that the transfer has stayed on the paper. Peel off Method Step 1 Cover the iron-on transfer with a piece of a paper and reverse the material. Then iron onto the back of the shirt (assuming the transfer is on the chest) for about 90 seconds, or until you are sure that the transfer is extremely hot. At this point you can reverse the shirt and ... more
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