How Do You Remove Cola Stains From Epoxy Coated Floors?

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Cola stains are hard to remove in general. When they won’t come off of a hard surface, such as a floor, with normal cleaning, it provides a real challenge. Fortunately, epoxy floors can tolerate most cleaning products, which will help make this stain removal a success. You Will Need: • Cleaning product (choose one): • Simple Green • Concrete floor degreaser • All purpose cleaners • Shampoo (yes – it has worked!) • Shaving cream • Old towels • Scrub brush Steps to Remove the Cola Stain: • Once you have selected a cleaning product, apply it generously to the surface of the stain. • Allow it to set for several minutes, so that it can fully penetrate the stain. • Next, use the scrub brush to scrub the area. If the stain is large or especially difficult, utilize a motorized scrub brush to make the job easier. • Rinse with water. • If some of the stain remains, repeat application, soaking and scrubbing. It may be useful to try different cleaning products to find the one that will work best ... more
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