How Do You Remove Dog Drool From Furniture And Fabrics?

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1 Answer

If you have a bigger dog or one that has a drooling problem, then you know how the drool stains can get out of hand. Not to worry, though, because there is a very easy way to remove the drool marks, until your loving four-legged friend makes more. Find the area you need to clean, such as a spot on a sofa. After testing the color-fastness of your fabric, spray a small amount of window cleaner on the spot and on a small area of the dry cloth. Gently rub the area in a circular motion. Then, continuing in a circular motion, gently brush the area with the soft bristled brush. Once the area seems cleaned of drool, gently buff the spot, in a back and forth motion, with a dry area of the cloth. Allow the area to air dry and repeat Steps 1-4 if needed. more
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