How Do You Remove Dried Bird Droppings From A Car's Finish?

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1 Answer

Bird droppings are extremely caustic, and can ruin your car's finish. They also contain grit, which can and will scratch your car's finish if you try to rub them away. Combined with a sunny day, bird droppings can harden into a substance with more sticking power than instant adhesive, and do more damage than coarse sandpaper. Spray entire vehicle with water. Water is the closest thing to a universal solvent that we have. Although water alone will not remove the bird droppings, it will soften them so that less cleaning fluid will be necessary. Mix cleaning fluid according to package directions. The best cleaning fluids use natural ingredients rather than inorganic, petroleum-based surfactants. Fluids containing orange or other citrus oils, witch hazel, wintergreen, or other plant-based surfactants clean well without damaging your finish. Apply cleaning fluid to a soft cloth. Do not apply directly to your car. Squeeze some of the fluid over the worst of the bird droppings and allow to ... more
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