How Do You Remove Gorilla Glue From Skin?

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1 Answer

Gorilla glue sticks to anything, including your skin! It is an exceptionally strong all-purpose adhesive. It is waterproof, resistant to all temperatures, and even stands up to sanding. Things stuck together with gorilla glue stay that way -- so you might wonder how you could ever get it off of your body. Luckily, this is not an impossible feat, but it will take some patience to remove it safely without breaking the skin. Wipe the glue off with a dry cloth or paper towel. If you just touched the glue, and it hasn't yet begun to dry, you should be able to get it off this way. Wash your hands with soap and cold water. If the glue hasn't begun to harden yet, you have a chance of washing it off. The window for this is small, so act quickly. Exfoliate. Use a pumice stone or other gritty textured material to rub at the glue until it comes off. Do this slowly and patiently. Exfoliating too vigorously can damage or burn your skin. Alternate between exfoliating and rubbing the area with your ... more
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