How Do You Remove Hard Contact Lenses Plunger?

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1 Answer

Hard and gas permeable contact lenses occasionally become difficult to take out with the normal "popping out" method. When this happens, lenses can become stuck by suction to the cornea, the front surface of the eye. Removing a hard contact in this situation requires a device called a plunger or hard lens remover. Your doctor will recommend when you should use a plunger to remove your lenses. Knowing how to use a plunger correctly helps you safely and easily take out hard contact lenses. Make sure your lenses are in place before attempting to remove them. It is possible to have the sensation the lenses are in when they have fallen out. Check by looking in a mirror and observing that the lenses are in your eyes. Place a drop of rewetting solution in each eye to loosen the lenses. Moisten the suction cup on the plunger with a drop of rewetting solution. Place the plunger directly and squarely on the front of the contact. The lens will adhere to the plunger. Pull the plunger gently and ... more
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