How Do You Remove Hot Water Baseboard Heating?

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1 Answer

Hot water baseboard is a nice form of heating for a home, but it is a highly inefficient type of heating. When it comes time to replace the heating system, it is essential to remove the baseboard heaters. Removing the heaters is an easy process that can be done by the homeowner with some basic tools to save money. It is important to follow this process from the beginning to help ensure safety. Turn the boiler off completely. This can be done by turning the heaters off at the thermostat and then turning the power off to the boiler in the breaker panel for the house, it should be labeled, and turn off the water supply to the boiler. Allow the system to remain off for 24 hours to cool the water and pipes to a temperature where they can be easily handled. Cut the pipes supplying the heaters at the boiler. There should be one or two supply pipes and the same number of return pipes at the boiler. Allow the system to drain all the water that remains in the pipes. It may be necessary to have ... more
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