How Do You Remove Ice From A Wood Deck?

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In northern climates where snow and ice are frequent visitors to our homes, one question that is asked frequently is, "How do you get rid of ice on a wood deck?" One of the big concerns is if it will harm the wood or deck itself. There are many methods available but how they affect the wood is a valid concern. Read on to learn how to remove ice from a wood deck. Dress warmly and in something that allows for movement and work. Take the shovel and begin to clear the deck. Carefully scoop the snow off the ice layer and move off the deck, then begin at the edge of the ice sheet and very slowly begin to chip away at the ice with the edge of the shovel. There will be small sheets of ice that break away from the main part that can be removed and discarded. Continue to chip away at the ice until the deck is clear of the ice. If this is taking too long, you can try using pots of hot water to melt the ice enough to break it up and clear it away. A last resort would be to continue using hot ... more
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