How Do You Remove Ice From Outdoor Stairs?

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Icy stairs are more than just an annoyance. They can be a dangerous hazard that can lead to serious injuries. Each year, thousands of injuries, including broken bones, are reported by people that have slipped on icy outdoor stairs. You'll want to find ways to effectively remove ice on your stairs during the winter months. Read on to learn how to remove ice from outdoor stairs. Prepare your stairs ahead of time before a winter storm. De-icing products can prevent a large amount of snow and ice from accumulating on outdoor stairs. Spray the deicer on your stairs the night before an expected snow storm. Remember to spray the walkways leading up to the stairs as well. Shovel away any snow that has fallen on the stairs after the storm has ended. This will reveal the layer of ice that has formed underneath. Purchase a bag of rock salt. Rock salt can be found at most home supply stores during the winter months. Keep a bag stored in your home or garage for use during the winter months. Cover ... more
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