How Do You Remove Inkjet Ink On Clothing?

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1 Answer

Inkjet printers are common items in almost every home and business. Although the inkjet cartridges are designed to be simple to replace, accidents may happen when you are changing ink that may lead to stains on your clothes. You can remove these stains even if the ink has dried as long as it has not been set in by washing. Some retail cleaning products are damaging to fabric fibers, but there are other compounds that will remove the stain and be less harmful. Place the fabric with the ink stain on a clean flat surface like a countertop. Use a damp cloth or sponge to gently dab at the ink. Continually move to a clean space on the cloth or sponge to keep from redepositing the ink back onto the fabric. Allow the fabric to dry and then examine the remaining stain. If necessary, dab at the stain a second time to remove as much as possible. Allow the stained area to dry again. Dab the ink-stained area lightly with an isopropyl-alcohol-soaked cloth or spray it with hair spray. Be sure that ... more
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