How Do You Remove Insulation From Copper Wire?

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Most copper wire, whether solid or standard filament, is only available with pre-wrapped rubber insulation. This is to protect the internal wire from damage and also protect users from exposed and potentially dangerous issues. To get to the usable wire, the insulation must be removed to a necessary length for use in residential and business electrical wiring, or in connecting powered electronic devices together. Specific tools are available to aid in the safe and efficient insulation removal. Determine the amount of wire to be stripped for the task. A good length rule is to strip two times the amount needed to make the required connection. Excess can always be removed if desired after stripping. If the wire is double-strung, meaning two wires are run together, a rubber insulating material around both wires must be removed first. Use a general wire stripper to remove a section of this following the same length guidelines of twice the amount needed. Use a wire-stripping tool with ... more
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