How Do You Remove Latex Paint Drips From Stained Molding?

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1 Answer

Molding is a strip of material used in interior design for decoration on the surface edge of walls. It is typically made of wood, plaster, marble or plastic. Wood molding is often finished with a stain that is used to protect and enhance the appearance of the wood. The stain makes it easy to clean the molding. If a wall has been painted, there's a good chance that drips of paint may have made their way to an uncovered portion of the molding. Latex paint is water-based and can be removed from stained molding with a few common household items. Wipe up any wet paint drips with a damp paper towel. Mix a tablespoon of liquid dishwashing soap with warm water in a bucket. Moisten a sponge with the soap solution. Liquid dishwashing soap works well to break down and loosen the paint. Rub the sponge over the drips, allowing the cleaner to work into the paint. Scrape the paint drips away using a scraper tool such as a putty knife. A razor blade may also be used to lift the paint. Gently slide ... more
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