How Do You Remove Links From A Seiko Watch Band?

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1 Answer

You want to remove links from your Seiko watch band if the band fits too loosely on your wrist. Removing a link is a simple process and can be done by someone who does not have experience working with watches. It is important to be careful when removing a link, because it is easy to scratch the watch band. Seiko is a Japanese watch company that was founded in 1881. Turn the watch band on its side so that the links are vertical. If you look on the inside of the links that are closest to the clasp, you will see arrows that tell you which direction the pins that hold the links together must be pushed out. If you look on the edge of the link on the opposite end from where the arrows are pointing, you will see small circles where the pin is inserted. Put the tip of your sharp tool on the pin head mentioned in Step 1. Push down on the pinhead forcefully in the direction the arrow is pointing until the pin comes out the other end. Complete this step again on the pin next to the one you just ... more
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