How Do You Remove Lint Balls From Clothing?

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1 Answer

Fuzz and lint balls can make clothes look worn and older than it is, and sometimes sweaters accumulate so many that it seems impossible to remove them. Pilling, which causes fuzz balls actually is a different problem than lint. Lint consists of fibers that break off during washing or wearing, while pilling involves fibers unraveling and leaving loose ends to ball up on the fabric. This occurs due to friction from normal wear. Wrap a piece of masking tape, cellophane tape or clear mailing tape around your hand with the sticky side out. Go over your clothing with the tape and remove the lint, which will stick to the tape. Use a lint roller which can be purchased inexpensively at discount stores and other stores. Toss the clothing in the dryer, as long as the fabric is dryer-safe, because dryers can remove lint. Use a single-edge disposable razor to shave the lint balls off the clothing. Hold the shaver at an angle so it gently skims the surface, and be careful not to accidentally cut ... more
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