How Do You Remove Lint From Black Pants?

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1 Answer

A versatile pair of black pants is a staple in most wardrobes. Sometimes, however, you may get an excessive, stubborn lint on them. It just won't come off to a point, rendering the pants unwearable. After all, it is a black pair of pants where every speck of lint is noticeable. Whether it was a regular washing when this happened or you accidentally washed them in a load of white towels, with a few tricks, you should be able to restore your black pants to its original lint-free state. Use a lint brush or tape. If you haven't already done this, get out a lint brush and roll away. Many lint brushes are actually sticky tape that is removed in layers for future use. You can also use masking tape or packing tape by rolling it with the sticky side up around your hand. Rub all over the pants to remove the lint. Wash and dry again. Wash with several like items and dry again. More, if not all, of the lint should be removed in the dryer the second time around. You can also wash the clothes with ... more
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