How Do You Remove Odors In Evaporative Coolers?

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1 Answer

Evaporative coolers are an inexpensive, simple, and effective way to cool a building in a hot, dry climate, but they got the nickname "swamp coolers" for a good reason. The fact that the evaporative cooler uses a system that has both standing water and pads that are constantly kept wet means that they can emit unpleasant odors. This is not a necessary inconvenience, however. A little maintenance can remove these odors from your evaporative cooler. Disconnect the cooler from all electrical power, and drain all the water. Remove the air filter, and wash it thoroughly with mild soap and water. Replace it if it still has an odor after washing. Wash the reservoir out, and flush it with clean water. Prepare the disinfectant and deodorizer following the instructions on the package. Add this mixture to the reservoir, and refill it with fresh water. Remove the cooler pads, and clean them thoroughly with soap and water. Replace them if they still have an odor. If you have aspen fiber pads, ... more
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